AnCar Photography {The Pink Hot Rod Set}

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Bicycle Heaven

Carroll recently took a trip out to The Magic Castle in California.  While he was there he did some sight seeing and came across this display of bicycles.  We have titled it Bicycle Heaven and you can purchase it if you wish over in our etsy shop.  AnCar Photography

Bicycle Heaven

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Sleepy Time Masks by Handmade by Andrea Baker

I don’t know about you but I never thought I’d need one of these types of masks.  I always thought they were for more vain people.  That’s horrible I know.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that people don’t wear them to sleep in because they are vain.  Some times they really need total darkness to sleep.  Or perhaps they have a spouse who watches tv in bed and they need to block out the light of that tv. Or perhaps they are plagued with migraines and they need to block out all light to get past said migraine.  That’s what has happened to me.  So my view of sleep masks has drastically altered and here I am making these wonderful little luxuries for you!

I have two different types in my shop.  Sleepy Kitty Masks and Sleepy Time Masks.  Its your choice!

Sleep in style with a sleep mask from Handmade by Andrea Baker!


Sleepy Kitty Mask - Madison

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AnCar Photography’s A Garden Collection

AnCar Photography loves to snap photos of lovely flowers and garden animals!  Check out the video below to see a sampling of these types of photos!


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